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UNI-T UDP6721 Power Supplies

UNI-T UDP6721 Power Supplies

The UDP6721 is a versatile programmable switching DC power supply, providing 180W power through a single channel. It offers adjustable voltage in the range of 0~60V and current up to 8A. The device allows fine 10mV voltage and 1mA current resolution for precision. It maintains high accuracy levels, with ≤0.05%+10mV for voltage and ≤0.3%+5mA for current. Additionally, it features RS-232 connectivity for remote control and monitoring.

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Model UDP6731 UDP6730 UDP6721 UDP6720
Type Programmable Switching DC power supply
Channel 1
Total Power 360W 180W
 Output Voltage 0~80V 0~40V 0~60V
Output Current 0~15A 0~30A 0~8A 0~5A
Resolution 10mV,1mA
Accuracy <0.1%+10mV <0.3%+10mA <0.1%+10mV <0.3%+30mA ≤0.05%+10mV ≤0.3%+5mA ≤0.05%+10mV ≤0.2%+2mA
 Connectivity RS-232



Model UDP6720 UDP6721 UDP6730 UDP6731
Channel Channel 1
Output Rating Voltage 0~60V 0~40V 0~80V
Current 0~5A 0~8A 0~30A 0~15A
Power 100W 180W 360W
Load Regulation Voltage <0.01%+3mV <0.01%+5mV <0.03%+15mV <0.03%+30mV
Current <0.01%+3mA <0.01%+5mA <0.03%+30mA <0.03%+15mA
Line Regulation Voltage <0.01%+3mV <0.01%+5mV <0.03%+15mV <0.03%+30mV
Current <0.1%+3mA <0.1%+5mA <0.1%+15mA <0.1%+10mA
Programming Accuracy Voltage <0.05%+10mV <0.1%+10mV
Current <0.2%+2mA <0.3%+5mA <0.3%+30mA <0.3%+10mA
Read back Accuracy Voltage <0.05%+10mV <0.1%+10mV
Current <0.1%+2mA <0.3%+5mA <0.3%+30mA
Ripple and Noise Voltage <2.0mVrms <5.0mVrms <12mVrms
Current <5.0mArms <8.0mArms <72mArms <27mArms
Set resolution Voltage 10mV
Current 1mA
Readback resolution Voltage 10mV
Current 1mA 10mA
Temperature coefficient Voltage ≤100ppm/℃ ≤300ppm/℃
Current ≤200ppm/℃ ≤300ppm/℃
Display Display 2.8-inch LCD,4-digit display
Dimension W*H*D 87*174*255(mm)
Weight Net <2.5kg
Interface Interface RS232,Remote compensation
Input Voltage AC:110(±10%)V/220(±10%)V
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Environment Operating temperature 0℃~45℃ 0℃~40℃
Operating humidity 20%~80%(Non condensing)
Storage -20℃~70℃
Altitude ≤2000m
Pollution degree 2