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UNI-T UT622E Handheld LCR Meter

UNI-T UT622E Handheld LCR Meter

The UT622E is a versatile LCR meter with a frequency range of 100kHz and high accuracy at 0.1%. It can measure up to 99,999 counts and operates at a rapid 20 times per second. It features a Mini-USB connection and a convenient 2.8'' TFT LCD screen for efficient measurements. It's a reliable tool for various applications.
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Model UT622A UT622C UT622E
Max. Test Frequancy 10kHz 100kHz
Accuracy 0.1%
Display Count


Max. Test Rate 20 times/s
DCR No No Yes
Connectivity Mini-USB
Display 2.8'' TFT LCD
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Model UT622A UT622C UT622E
Certificates CE,RoHS
Test freque ncy lOOHz, 120Hz,  kHz, OkHz             l OOHz, 120Hz, kHz, OkHz, lOOkHz lOOHz, 120Hz, kHz, OkHz, OOk Hz
Test level O.lVrms,0.3Vrms,  Vrms
Output impedance 1000
Measureme nt parameters Primary: L/C/R/Z Secondary: D/Q/8/ESR Primary: L/ C/ R/Z
Secondary: D/Q/8/ ESR
Primary: L/ C/R/Z/ DCR Secondary: D/Q/8/ESR
A uto LCR v v v
Test ports Three-termina l test jacks,five-terminaltest sockets
Test speed Fast (20 times/s), medium (5 times/s), or slow (2 times/s) Fast (20 times/s), medium (5 times/s),or slow (2 times/s)
DCR test speed     Fast (20 times/s),medium (5times/s), or slow (2 times/s)
Range Auto/Hold
Tolerance range 1%-20%
Equivalent mode Series/Parallel
Cleari ngcorrection Open/Short circuit
Fuse of test ports 0.1A/2:1JV
Communication  interface Mini-USB
LED alarm for tolerance pass: green;fail: red pass: green;fail: red pass: green; fail: red
MAX readi ngof primary parameters 99999
MIN resolution 0,0001
Maximum accuracy O.Wl/o
L O.OOµH-99.999H
c O.OOpF-99.999mF
Z/ R 0.00000-9.9999MO
ESR 0.00000-999. 990
D 0.0000-9.9999
Q 0.0000-99999
8 -179.9'-179.9"
DCR     O.Olm0--20.000MO
Temperature coefficient 0.1x (specified accuracy) /'C (O'C-18'C or 28'C-40'C)
Power 3.7V 1800mA h lithium polymer battery; Input: 220V (1±10%), :IJHz (1±5%) ;Mini-USB output: SV, 1A
Display 2.8'TFT LCD 320 x 240
Product net weight 420g
Product size 93mm X 192mm X44mm
Standard accessories Short circuit board ( UTR-001), USB cable, 5V  A power adapter, Four-terminal Kelvin testleads
(UTR-LlOOk- H) (UT622C/E), A lligator clip test leads w ith rubber plugs (UTR-002) (UT622A), English manual
Standard individual packing Gift box
Standard quantity per carton lOpc s
Standard carton measurement 370mm x 305mm x 475mm
Standard carton gross weight 13.2kg